The GOP Circular Firing Squad

I’ve always been fascinated by the extent of infighting in the Republican Party.  It’s especially true in Iowa politics where frequently, you’ll see one pro-life groups at odds with another pro-life group or a gun rights group publicly attacking another gun rights group with viciousness.  When I see it happen, I can’t help but ask […]

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Let’s Televise Abortions

It’s baffled me to no end, how the pro-choice crowd is constantly screaming about a woman’s basic, human right to choose what she does with her body.  Yet that same crowd, is often vehemently opposed to a woman’s basic, human right to choose how she defends that same body. Whenever they see the wall to […]

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Don’t Be A Rambo

Time to turn my attention to a certain segment of gun owner.  He’s a “passionate” sort of gun owner, but he’s extremely misguided, and does the gun rights side of the fence, more harm than he does good. I get that you’re a big hearted person that only means well.  So I’m going to deliver […]

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An Education for the Anti’s

I’ve noticed that most anti-gunners are the very same type of people that bleat about wanting a free this…a free that…a free everything.  So, being the charitable, gun owning conservative that I am, I decided to give them a free education. Sit down.  Shut up.  Class is in session: “No”.  An AR15 will not fire […]

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Donald Trump – No Friend to the 2A

I’m baffled.  I’m truly baffled.  Many people that I consider strong proponents of the 2nd Amendment, seem to have a bout of temporary insanity.  I’m convinced of this, because they are part and parcel of the “Trump Groupies” that seem beholden to the man, even though he has a consistent track record…both historical and recent…of […]

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