About Basic Freedoms…

How many times have you heard:  “How did he get the gun? We need more gun control!” after a criminal went on a shooting rampage?  I’m thinkin’  it’s pretty safe to say you hear it at least 90% of the time.

But it seems that the people who say it the most, don’t understand the basic flaw in their statement.  How he/she got the gun doesn’t matter.  If the shooter was in illegal  possession of a firearm, there’s already laws against that.  Making it “double illegal” for them to own a gun, isn’t going to change anything.  If they were legal to own a gun, but used it for an illegal act…well, there’s already laws against that, too.

Gun control advocates need to remove the emotion for the equation once and for all.  “Yes” a shooting is a tragedy.  “Yes” our hearts break for those left behind.  But no amount of restrictive legislation on law abiding citizens will stop evil people from being evil.  You can’t legislate the “bad” out of people.

On the flip side of that, under the current Obama administration, we have the lowest level of federal gun crime prosecution that we’ve seen in a long time.  Gee.  Here’s a novel idea.  How ’bout we start enforcing the laws currently on the books?  Seems our government can’t seem to pull that one off.

As a final note, ever notice how the one’s constantly calling for more extreme and restrictive gun control measures, are usually the same one’s bleating about “basic, human rights”?
Funny thing.  They don’t seem real keen on the basic, human right to self defense, in the legal manner of one’s choice.

Yours in Freedom –
Iowa Gun Girl


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