Donald Trump – No Friend to the 2A

I’m baffled.  I’m truly baffled.  Many people that I consider strong proponents of the 2nd Amendment, seem to have a bout of temporary insanity.  I’m convinced of this, because they are part and parcel of the “Trump Groupies” that seem beholden to the man, even though he has a consistent track record…both historical and recent…of wanting to suppress gun rights for law abiding citizens.

They say they like him because he’s “not a politician”.  Or that “the establishment hates him”.  Or that “he’s a successful businessman”.  Or that “he’s brash, and says what he means”.  OK.  Great.  If those are now qualifications for POTUS, then apparently, Kayne West and Rosie O’Donnell would make great presidential candidates in some people’s eyes, as well.

A little bit of history on Trump’s 2A positions.

He has told us more than once, to read his book, “The America We Deserve”.  OK.  I did.  And on page 102 of that book, he tells us all about his support for Universal Background Checks, extended waiting periods, and so-called “assault weapons” bans.

“He’s evolved”, you say?  (that seems to be the pat answer from his *fans*, whenever you point out something clearly anti liberty that he’s said).

Well then riddle me this:  If he’s evolved, then why, just a few short months ago, right after the San Bernardino shootings, did he say he would “look into” barring 2A rights from people on the No Fly List?

Mr. Trump; Sit down, stuff a sock in it, and listen up.  In this country, we have this thing called “due process”.  It should scare anyone, that you would even consider banning a Constitutionally protected right from people, based on the inclusion of their name on a secret, government list that requires ZERO proof of any wrongdoing.  A list that journalist Steven Hayes, Ted Kennedy and 8 year old Mickey Hicks found themselves wrongly added to.  But we do thank you, for coming straight out and admitting that you would consider tyranny acceptable, and don’t believe that a citizen of the US is innocent until PROVEN guilty.  In this country, we only ban rights from people who have been charged, tried, and convicted of felonies.  Yet under a President Trump, there appears to be a possibility that we won’t be bothering with that pesky, “day in court” thingy.

To his supporters:  You wouldn’t accept this kind of talk from any other candidate.  Yet, you accept it from him.  You need to make up your minds.  You’re either pro-Trump, or you’re pro Bill of Rights.  Because it’s impossible to be both.

Yours in Freedom –

Iowa Gun Girl



7 thoughts on “Donald Trump – No Friend to the 2A

  1. You nailed it, just wished most Alabama voters would have had more sense. I was so disappointed with my state… I wish i could comment on your facebook posts but it will not let me. Stay strong and keep up the good fight and Cruz all the way….


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