An Education for the Anti’s

I’ve noticed that most anti-gunners are the very same type of people that bleat about wanting a free this…a free that…a free everything.  So, being the charitable, gun owning conservative that I am, I decided to give them a free education.

Sit down.  Shut up.  Class is in session:

“No”.  An AR15 will not fire 1,000 rounds a minute.  Or 300 rounds per second.  Or what ever your flavor-of-the-day, mythical number is this week.

Stop calling for banning all “semi-automatics”.  You look comically silly.  Some shotguns are semi-automatic.  Most handguns are semi-automatics.  Many ranch rifles are semi-automatics.  Newsflash for the day:  Despite you’re irrational thinking, “semi-automatic” does not equate to “almost fully automatic”.  It means that the gun fires one round per trigger pull. Period.

Murder is already illegal.  You can’t make it somehow “more illegaller” through piling feel good legislation, upon feel good legislation.

There is a difference between an “assault weapon” and an “assault rifle”.  Stop using them interchangeably.  Assault rifles were essentially banned from general purchase back in the 80’s.  An assault weapon, is a made up term that had no part in the American lexicon, prior to the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban.  The definition that was codified into law at the time, refers solely to accessories that have no bearing on the lethality of the semi-automatic rifle.

Now that you have at least a basic understanding…enough to carry on a conversation without looking foolish, let me ask you a question:

You say you just want fewer gun deaths.  That’s great.  None of us want more of them.  I assume you also don’t want to infringe on the Constitutional rights of the law abiding. So tell me:  What new gun laws would you like to implement, that will have a measurable effect on gun crime, will not infringe on the rights of the law abiding, and most importantly, how do you plan to get criminals to comply with them?

Correct.  You can’t.  Because they won’t.

Give me “dangerous liberty” over a being a slave to the government under the guise of a false sense of security, any day of the week.


Yours in Freedom –

Iowa Gun Girl


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