Hillary’s Illogical Anti Gun Rants

So did you watch the Democrat Party debate?  I know, I know.  It requires a gut of steel and a warped sense of humor to watch Hillary and Bernie try to outdo each other on which one of them will happily attack our Bill of Rights and liberties the most.  But that said, it DOES make for good entertainment sometimes.

Oh, Hillary.  Girlie, you really need to brush up on some facts.  You look foolish.

In your opening comments during the gun control portion of the debate, you said, and I quote:  “90 people a day are killed by gun violence”.  Now…in order to arrive at that number, we have to include shootings ruled justifiable homicides, self defense shootings and suicides, and lump them in with gun murders.  It’s sad to me, that you believe that someone defending their own life against a physical assault, is guilty of “gun violence” if they shoot someone that was trying to kill them in the first place.

Facts matter, Hillary.  And per the FBI, REAL death by gun violence…gun murder, in other words…has gone steadily down, not up, as states have been loosening their gun laws.  The gun murder rate in 2012 was 8,897.  In 2013, it was 8,454.  In 2014, it was 8,124.

That’s a far cry from your “90 a day”.  But we understand.  You are banking on the hope that your constituency is far to uneducated to look up the facts for themselves.  And you know…I think you might be right about that.

Let’s move on to your vapid plan of holding gun manufacturers accountable, if someone commits a crime with their product.  Newsflash, cupcake:  We hold manufacturers accountable when they sell a defective product.  Not when someone misuses their product.  Your suggestion is as nutty as trying to hold Ford accountable if someone drives an F150 drunk and kills someone, or holding Chicago Cutlery responsible if a lunatic stabs his wife with a steak knife.

But the last comment you made during that portion of the debate, was very telling of your positions.  You seemed appalled that gun manufacturers would produce a popular, in demand product, and then have the “audacity” to try and make a profit off of the sale of their item.  Oh No!  Free market capitalism in action!  In a capitalistic country!  Say it isn’t so!  How horrible!

But all snark aside, Hillary, your  position should scare the hell out of any, free thinking American.  We have a woman running for the position of Leader of the Free World, that is now on record stating that she believes we should inhibit the financial success of American manufacturing companies, based solely on whether or not she “approves” of the product they make.

And yet you bleat about bringing back American manufacturing jobs.  Oh, the irony.

Yours in Freedom –

Iowa Gun Girl




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