Don’t Be A Rambo

Time to turn my attention to a certain segment of gun owner.  He’s a “passionate” sort of gun owner, but he’s extremely misguided, and does the gun rights side of the fence, more harm than he does good.

I get that you’re a big hearted person that only means well.  So I’m going to deliver this smack down to you as gently as possible.

1.  “No”.  It’s not just the 2A that matters, and the 2nd Amendment is not your permit.  Your permit is your permit.  And if your State says you need one…get one.  Period.  You can’t call yourself a Constitution loving conservative, and then act like the 2A carries more weight than the 10A.
Per the 10th Amendment:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

Pretty simple, huh?  Bottom line, is that the 2A is a mere, 27 words long.  If something isn’t in it (method of carry, where you can carry, permit requirements)…then it’s a power that is reserved to the States.  You are doing the new gun owner a HUGE disservice, by implying that all they need to worry about is the 2A.  And that makes you a crappy steward of the cause.

2.  Quit with the Internet Tough Guy routine.  I’m always vastly amused by the ones who literally call for an “armed revolution” or a “mutiny”.  A cry that’s been on the increase, during this election season.  You looks silly.  They majority of you calling for an “armed revolution” don’t seem to have a clue, what that word really means.  In fact, I suspect your “revolution” would look more like a Black Lives Matter protest.  A lot of screaming and yelling, but at the end of the day, you would abandon your “revolution” in favor of your paycheck, internet service and delivery pizza.

3.  The “Caliber Wars” are getting tiresome.  You have your favorite.  I have mine.  It really does look like a penis measuring contest to people who see these debates, but don’t know a lot about guns.  Not a real good way to win those people over to our side of the fence.

Yours in Freedom –

Iowa Gun Girl



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