Let’s Televise Abortions

It’s baffled me to no end, how the pro-choice crowd is constantly screaming about a woman’s basic, human right to choose what she does with her body.  Yet that same crowd, is often vehemently opposed to a woman’s basic, human right to choose how she defends that same body.

Whenever they see the wall to wall news coverage of the latest mass shooting, perpetrated by some lunatic, they never fail to climb onto the backs of the dead, and use their still warm bodies as their personal platform to target the law abiding gun owner to further restrict our rights.

Their argument seems to rest on the false equivalency that abortion is a “private decision” where as shooting up a school is not.  Newsflash, pro-abortion crowd:  My decision to carry a firearm is also a private decision.

I can safely say that 99.9% of law abiding gun owners didn’t take a life yesterday.  Sadly, you can’t say the same thing about 99.9% of abortions.

I propose a solution that may help you with seeing the light on your hypocrisy.  Clearly, your anti-gun positions are based largely on media coverage.  The graphic scenes of the rare, mass shooting that are displayed on your TV 24/7 following the tragedy.

I think we should give the same, wall to wall coverage of abortions.  Let’s display on your TV, the horrific, graphic violence and taking of human life that occurs far more often than mass shootings in this country.  Let’s let you really see what you advocate for and protect as a “basic, human right”.

Because if abortions got the same coverage as the rare mass shooting, I’m thinking many of you would change your mind about what a wonderful thing it is to have that “choice”.

Yours in Freedom –

Iowa Gun Girl


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