Trump. The Lesser of 2 Evils, is Still Evil

Well, here we are.  The nominees have all but been determined for the 2016 presidential election.  And who are the nominees?  A woman who wears her gun control zealotry like a badge of honor, and a man who’s more stealth about his.

It boggles the mind, to hear so many Trump supporters use excuses like:  “He’s not a politician”.  Oh?  The man funded the liberal, political machine for 40 years, has stated publicly that he “considers himself a democrat” has toyed with running for president in nearly every single election since 1988 and even ran previously under the Reform Party ticket.  In other words, he’s more of a politician, than most politicians.

Next, I often hear from his supporters, “He’s pro 2A.  He has a CCW”.  That’s weak, people.  Very weak.  Dianne Feinstein also has a CCW.  To assume that an elitist having a CCW magically makes them pro-2A is unbelievably naïve. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to examine an individuals statements and record, as opposed to swallowing hook, line, and sinker, whatever platitude they feed me while they’re in a battle for the presidency.

On page 102 of his book, “The America We Deserve”, a book he often tells us to read, he comes out in support of a so called “assault weapons” ban, universal background checks, and extended waiting periods.  And as recently as the San Bernardino shootings, he stated he would consider banning 2A rights from people on the No Fly List.  A clear violation of not only the 2A, but the 5A.

If ANY other candidate had these positions, no matter how far back in their history, they would be immediately eliminated as too untrustworthy on the 2A to be considered a viable candidate by gun owners and regarded as one that may play fast and loose with individual liberties.

Yet, here we are.  Because Trump was effective at pandering to the anger of a segment of the voting public, they overlooked is lifetime as a liberal.  They overlooked his massive contributions to the democrat, political machine.  They even overlooked his anti-gun history.  And like Obama voters, they voted for him, merely because he’s “different” and says what they want to hear.  I wonder if those same people will also be able to overlook it, when Trump keeps his promise to “negotiate” with Chuck Schumer on Supreme Court nominees?

Stop telling me that voting for Trump is a necessary evil.  By saying that, you are freely admitting that evil is necessary.  I happen to disagree.  We could have nominated a guy with an A+ rating from the NRA.  A guy who wrote the Amicus Brief for DC v Heller.  A guy who stood up to Feinstein during her attempted gun grab in 2013.  But we didn’t.  I guess he didn’t make us “feel” good enough.  And as we’ve seen with this primary process, a large chunk of the voting public, bases their vote on “feelz”.  Not record.


Yours in Freedom –

Iowa Gun Girl


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