No. We Don’t Need More “Change”

I’m sick of change.  Change is what got us where we are today.  Partisan Presidents, Congress-peeps, and local level politicians, trot out their tired, worn out, vision of “change” every two to four years in hopes of inspiring the masses to vote them into a new job.

Obama said we needed “change” from the Bush era policies.  Trump says we need “change” from Obama era policies.  Every president, for as long as I can remember, has said we need “change” from the previous president’s policies.

The first president I remember is Jimmy Carter.  I think it was the giant, swimming rabbit incident that caught my young mind’s attention.  I can remember my mom carting me off to gymnastics practice and having to leave 30 minutes early so we could sit in line for gas.  Those long lines were a result of “change” that was sold to us as a winning strategy.

Next was Reagan.  While a stalwart of conservatism, he brought us “change” via a napkin.  On that napkin, Art Laffer had drawn what came to be known as “The Laffer Curve” and later became known as the much more congenial sounding, “Supply Side Economics”.  Some benefitted, some didn’t.  He also brought us “change” in the form of a bloated missile defense system, and the granddaddy of all gun control laws, The Brady Bill.

Next, was George “No New Taxes” Bush, Bill “Let’s Raid Social Security” Clinton,  George “I spend Like a Drunken Sailor”  George Bush Jr, Barack “Change We Can Believe In” Obama, and now, Donald “I rule by executive fiat” Trump.  Less than 70 days into his term, Trump has also tried to “change” Obamacare.  Sadly, that “change” essentially amounted to only changing the name to Trumpcare, and not much else.

Change brought us the NFA.  Change brought us FOPA.  Change brought us The Dream Act.  Change brought us a convoluted tax structure.  Change brought us Ethanol.  Change brought us abortions for convenience.

So how’s that change thing working out for you?

Here’s a novel idea.  No more change.  Instead, we need to undo the change we’ve already done, including the damage that came with it, and get back to the roots of the Constitution.  No more flavor-of-the-day “causes” that end up determining law for decades to come.  No more government sanctioned marriage, oppressive gun laws, twisting ourselves into knots over immigration, or government run health care.

Because NONE of that is in the Constitution.

The Constitution is a mere, 4,543 words long.  The Articles outline the duties and responsibilities of the government in clear language, and the Amendments outline the rights of the people in crystal clear language.

A return to the founding principles of this country, including shrinking the federal government back to the duties delegated to it in the Constitution, would effectively erase all of the well meaning, but nonsensical “change” our government has foisted upon us for generations.

Yours In Freedom –

Iowa Gun Girl




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